Vacuum Furnace Quenching Techniques

Oil quenching or gas quenching? Heat treaters often wonder which one is better for meeting properties while minimizing distortion in their vacuum processed parts. This 40-minute webinar...Read more
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Introducing SECO/VACUUM: The North American Vacuum Furnace Company

SVT company brochureSECO/VACUUM Technologies (SVT) is an entirely new company from SECO/WARWICK designed to provide vacuum furnaces and related professional services in North America to ensure that we deliver the best experience to our American customers:
  • Focusing on North America for sales and support
  • Offering production-size demonstration furnaces for process validation
  • Expediting delivery of all components, controls, and support documentation
  • Providing US-based local service teams, including installation and maintenance support
  • Including aggressive pricing and delivery programs to meet your project needs
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SECO/VACUUM Furnace Products
SVT offers high-quality vacuum furnace systems designed specifically for our North American customers, including (but not limited to) the following with special emphasis on these three important product lines :
  • Vector Vacuum Furnace: Single chamber, high-pressure gas-quench vacuum furnace, that is a versatile "go-to" workhorse tackling multiple processes and applications.
  • CaseMaster Evolution: Multi-chamber, high-volume vacuum oil quench furnace, designed especially for low pressure carburizing and hardening processes.
  • UniCase Master:  High-volume, continuous, in-line vacuum furnace for low-pressure carburizing of automotive gears.

VIP Program
The SVT Value Incentive Program (VIP) offers our Vector single-chamber vacuum furnace system in the most common sizes and quench pressures, including the following benefits:
  • Configured for fast delivery, from purchase order to your dock
  • 3-year warranty at no additional cost
  • An exceptional package of professional services
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Four of the most popular, value-packed Vector furnace models are configured for fast delivery! Learn More.

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